A Call for Regional Housing Dialog

The Fort Collins Board of REALTORS®, in support of the City of Fort Collins’ Affordable Housing Strategic Plan, has established NoCo Housing Now: A Call for Regional Housing Dialog. This campaign will encourage our local elected officials to consider regional dialog that identifies approaches to address housing affordability.

This campaign seeks to assure that the critical regional issue of housing affordability is being discussed on a regional scale. FCBR is supporting this effort via outreach to local government agencies with an offer of support for the formation of a regional task group, or other similar approaches that bring our communities together.

Now is the Time

The Fort Collins Board of REALTORS® believe now is the time for municipalities and key stakeholders to come together to address housing affordability with regional cooperation in mind.


NoCo Housing Now is an effort begun by the Fort Collins Board of REALTORS® in conjunction with the City of Fort Collins and NoCo Home Builders Association to establish a regional dialog about housing affordability in Northern Colorado.

From this initial effort, a regional coalition of the willing made up of over 50 partners, including 13 different cities/towns and 2 different counties has been formed. The NoCo Housing Now Coalition is a blend of interests comprised of non-profits, city/county staff, elected officials, housing industry representatives, economic interests, grassroots members, small & large businesses, University stakeholders, and interested community members.

The purpose of NoCo Housing Now is to serve as a convening group for discussion, partnerships, and intentional efforts to educate and address key issues related to housing affordability in Northern Colorado.

Thank You for Your Support

We're very proud that our outreach has been received with a great deal of support from the region’s elected officials, staff members, and housing stakeholders. Everyone has applauded the outreach and asked that steps be taken to convene an initial meeting, for which work is underway on the details.

FCBR hasn’t come at this complex issue with the answer(s) in mind. We understand issues like this, in a region that’s struggled at times with cooperation, require an open minded approach. We simply have leaders within this organization who wish to foster a dialog with hopes of future cooperation.

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